Saturday, February 14

Friday the 13th vs. Valentines Day

I love how my day ended. Is it Friday the 13th, or Valentines Day??? hmmm, I'll go with the first one. Tonight was so packed at work. I was the only hostess working, and my tip-share should be over $100. So, believe me, I'm not complaining. I even volunteered to stay an extra 2 1/2 hours after my shift ended. (the only reason I did was because the guy had already fallen asleep when I called). Still, I need money. So it all worked out. Got off, came home, I am now in my comfy unmatching sweat pants/pjs. I caught up on some blogs, nodded off during one, so I'm going to make this quick because sleep is coming fast.

I've got no plans for tomorrow, except work from 7-2, probably later. Looking forward to Sunday though.

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