Friday, February 13

work, work, work

Work again tonight. Last night was a mad house. I already had to get on somebody's ass. She asked me to bus her table cuz she was had her hands full. So I went ahead and did it. As I was bring back the dishes she was just sitting back there eating chips and salsa, then went to the back for a cigarette. So this is when I set her straight. I don't mind helping out, but don't ask me to do your job for you. Especially since my tipshare is so little.

My bro leaves on Sunday to go to ANOC for two weeks. I need to finish getting ready, gotta be there in 30 minutes. Im just waiting for my undershirt to dry. I know its Friday the 13th, so I'm keeping extra special care of my phone. On 3 different friday the 13ths I've screwed up different phones. Tomorrow is Valentines Day. Really doesn't mean much to me. I still hate all holidays. Except for New Years, and Independence Day.

I still need to open up a bank account here. Why cant there be any Wachovias around here. Apparantly I'm aloud to use Wells Fargo now too, since the merger. Unfortunately I dont think there are any of those either. I must work from 5-1 tonight. errrr. Must get going for now. I promise that I will soon post something mildly entertaining.

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