Saturday, February 14

Singing in the rain

I was a cutie-patutie. I think I was 3 there. Not too sure.

No plans for today, as stated yesterday. I woke up to a really bad dream. Somebody had hacked into all my accounts. I checked all of them, and I seem to still be good. I think I might change all my passwords, and enhance the security a bit on all of them just to be sure. I think I'm going to make some oatmeal, protein powder, granola, and a banana for b-fast. Then I'll hit the gym for a bit.

UPDATER: Haven't gone to the gym yet. Not sure if I'll be getting to it today. I just feel so exhausted. I did do some productive and very important stuff today. I filled out my FAFSA and finished setting up my college email account. I have 4 email accounts. haha.

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