Thursday, February 5

Die Another Day

Today had a late start due to yesterdays late end. I swear I didn't even want to move, it hurt. Don't get me wrong I love the slight stiffness I feel the day after a good workout. I'm pretty sure I overdid it some. Yoga 3 days in a row, water aerobics, and all the basic cardio. So today I am taking a break. I was going to do yoga, but then when I just attempted a single chatarunga on my living room floor I fell flat after about 2 seconds.

Breakfast was 1 cup oatmeal, 1 scoop chocalate protein powder, granola, and a whole banana. Half was already mixed in when I shot this.

Finally mailed my old NC license plates back to my dad to turn in. Stopped in Old Navy to find some black pants and white button downs for work. All the shirts made my boobs look odd. I bought two different pairs of pants, a new sports bra, and my favorite Sparkling Green Tea candles. I think tomorrow I'll go to New York & Company to look for shirts. They always have a good selection. Before leaving the mall I stopped and got some food. It was too spicy though. What is in the picture is what is left. I literally only ate 10 small bites. I love spicy food, but that was was way too much for me.

Left to get T from daycare. Stopped by my brothers work and ate half of my White Chocolate Macadamia Luna bar that was given great reviews by The Fitnessista. My nephew managed to eat about half of it. He even liked it. Thought it was a candy bar. I remember when any type of nutrition bar made me want to gag. They sure have come a long way.

I'm going to see Taken tonight, and gotta stop by Whole Foods to pick up a few things. I think I should get going then.

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