Thursday, February 5

Ode to Aches and Pains

C'mon who likes having sore achy muscles? Me, I do! It gives me a sense of accomplishment. That my hard effort and time all my time have actually done something useful for my body.

Today though, in combination with my over zealousness to jump back into yoga and the water aerobics class that I have attended my whole body aches. Mostly I blame all the cycles. It is my word for the constant flow from planks-chatarungas-updogs-downdogs. These movements are done in sequence. They really stretch out your arms, chest, hamstrings, and my back. I haven't had my whole back be sore in a really long time.

So Larissa, I finally used your Christmas gift tonight. and boy those candles really do smell good. I actually liked keeping them in my linen closet just because they made my towels smell so good. I guess actually burning them puts them to even better use, haha. Look at that I actually took the time to make myself a proper relaxation bath. I even took a pic to commemorate the event.

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