Wednesday, December 24

Holiday Hell

I am back in North Carolina. My house has 6, no lie 6 christmas trees. there are garlands, and xmas cards, and tons of truly amazing ornaments. Its all super beautiful, and I just want to run away. I've already gotten into 3 or 4 arguments with my dad over stupid things. He gets mad when I sleep in, I'm on vacation. I have every right to do it, for one day. I hate christmas, everybody gets so stressed out just trying to please everybody else, be jolly. In my opinion, unless there are young children, people should just save their money and go on vacation.

Right now, I just want to go back to my apartment, it doesnt have a single wreath or stocking, not even anything christmas smelling. I actually wanted to buy my godbaby Izzy a present. I saw the most awesome Ming Ming the Duck toy, it was $40, fuck that. I swear, if prices werent so inflated, maybe the American dollar would be worth more. Then America wouldnt be in such a horrible recession. I'm done ranting for now, I think.

FYI-Suicide rates severly spike during the holiday season. ......wonder why????

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