Saturday, September 12

Huge life decision

It is just today that I have decided to not only cut out fish, but go completely Vegan. This has been a decision I have been wanting to make the leap to for a while now. About half this decision is based on the way these animals are treated. Even the ones that are used for eggs, or milk, and it makes me sad. My second reason is health benefits. I don't see this as a huge change from my current diet. I already choose Soy or Almond milk, Veganaise, and am a huge fan of Tofutti ice cream, cream cheese, and sour cream alternatives.

I made the most awesome dinner ever the other night. It was my first time trying Seitan, it was chicken style. I tossed it in a ginger-peanut sauce. Then I wilted some Kale, tossed in my Seitan, a julienned red pepper, mushrooms, baby carrots, and some minced garlic. I served it over some Basmati rice. It was the best stir-fry EVER.

I have access to my brothers completely amazing camera right now. So here are some pics of I've taken previously.

I made some Shrimp Etouffee a few months ago, here are some pics of it:

Now here are a few pics of my living room and some art work in it.

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