Sunday, September 13


I gotta start getting ready for work now, but I love procrastination. This vegan thing is going to be a lot harder than I originally thought, but I'm still going forward with my decision. I'm just going to wait until I've used up all the items previously bought, like my eggs and some of the tuna I have left, and my little bit of cottage cheese. I will miss goat cheese though, they went awesome on my eggplant paninis. I figured since I already paid for them I should finish them, and not be wasteful.

Found this on Mari'sblog.

I'm really hoping to see a guy after work tonight, probably not gonna happen though. He is still outta town, I'm just hoping he comes back tonight. If not I'll watch my Trueblood and Entourage by myself, and quite possibly do a pedicure and face mask. Either way it sounds like a goodnight. Now I must get ready for work

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