Saturday, December 20

Dating pyschos

I have been here for a little over a month now. I've got my apartment, which I am in complete love with. Finding a job has been a bit of a challenge. I am not just looking to be another waitress, again. I have got skills, people need to recognize. I make more off my unemployment right now than I would making minimum wage somewhere.

The one thing I miss so much is just having a social life. I have good friends back home. By the way my home is Ft. Bragg, NC. I spent most of my life there. Dating was never a problem. Even if I was alone at a coffee shop I would have guys just start chatting me up and ask for my number. Here I don't know a soul besides my brother. So going out with friends isn't really an option for me. I went out on a limb, made my myspace profile public. Everybody who contacted me ended up being pyscho, or just not my type. One guy I had to get his calls, texts, and emails blocked. We never even met face-to-face. How bad is that?

I had the brilliant idea that if I do the searching maybe I will yield better results. May I note, that I never thought I would be the type to try the hooking up through the internet thing; i.e. online dating. Moving on, I ended up just looking at one guys profile, he intrigued me. Long story short, went on a couple of dates, he seems cool.

I am a bit disappointed. I uploaded photos of my apartment on and people are not giving it the greatest reviews. Boo!

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