Thursday, December 25


More bullshit, besides Christmas. I got a letter stating that I am no longer eligible for my unemployment benefits, because of the way I answered a question. So now I have to go through this huge ordeal and appeals process so I can start getting my money again. On top of that there is some bullshit charge on my Discover Card for Delta Flight Insurance. I call hotwire, they didnt make the charge, the direct me to delta. I get some lady who hardly speaks English and says "delta does not sell flight insurance" Then why the fuck does it say it on my damn credit card statement. She asks me, did you check a bag. Yes I did, at the counter outside where they only accept cash, I still have the receipt, would you like me to fax it to you?

Everybody has just been irking my nerves today, and I already want the rest of the 25th to be over.

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