Thursday, February 12


I hated working out today. Mostly the cardio. I only did 30 minutes on the "hill climb". My hip flexor feels a bit out of place so I did plenty of stretching. Worked my legs for about 20 minutes, and a couple of ab exercises. I really just want to be super lazy today. Not gonna happen though. I work from 4-1 a.m. aye aye aye. I just gotta iron my clothes and throw some make up on my face.

When I got home from the gym I realized how much how my apartment still smelt like fajitas. That was just LOVELY (note the sarcasm) So I have all the windows open and plan of Febreezing everything here shortly. Tomorrow seems like a perfect day to hang out with T. I haven't spent very much time with him lately. I miss my little man. That is pretty much it for today.

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