Wednesday, February 18

Does Anybody Actually Read This Thing??????????

Work Stinks. I got my schedule for next week, only 3 days WTF. At least they are 8 hour shifts. I need at least 4 days a week, and I didn't get any day shifts. So pissed. The other host told me that she is planning on quitting, but hasn't told anybody yet. Maybe she'll give me one of her shifts.

Have you ever had a dream involving somebody you know? Then in the dream they completely piss you off, and you actually wake up mad at them. I'm still trying to calm down and not be mad, and telling myself "its not real".

Didn't get home till after 3 A.M. So obviously woke up pretty late. I need to put up a couple baskets of laundry, and I just want to deep clean my whole house. Later tonight I'm hitting up the gym (finally). Do some cardio, then a workout class. Me, excited!!!!

I spent the other day walking around downtown after the after auction. The guy is looking for a new apartment. There are some decent places, for pretty cheap. Did you know, Louisville has the largest concentration of Victorian homes in America. How neat is that? A lot of them have been split up into apartments. Lots of different styles too. Studios, one bedrooms, and two bedrooms. These places have so much more character than standard managed apartments. So when my lease runs out in Oct I'm definitely going to find a place in old Louisville.

I was looking at the full profile version of this thing. It really seems that nobody reads this thing. It is kind of upsetting, kind of like nobody finds me interesting. I guess I'm not that interesting. Then with the fact that all of my friends are a few hundred miles away. I need to get going, pick up some stuff from work, go to the bank, stop by Whole Foods, and come back to clean up the place, then gym.

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